!!This game is still in development!!

You are playing as a 1950 housewife. Your husband hasn't come home in a while, and you're starting to get worried so you go out looking for him. Soon you encounter some aggressive zombielike creatures, and you have to find ways to defend yourself from these.

The search for your husband leads you through your town, into research facilities and sneaking in military bases. You craft your weapons from household items (think blender on a broomstick, iron on a rope, …) to defend yourself through your journey.

The game aims to be fast paced, think diablo III but in the 1950's theme, with a comical touch. Skills and weapons will help you through the journey.


Use rightmouse button to move
Use leftmouse button to shoot
zombies that are hit make a sound
If you get hit your health goes down untill you die.

Game created in the course of the Coursera game develoment project.